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Category: Families & Portraits

World Breastfeeding Week 2017

I haven’t done much photo work in Montreal since our move, but I gave myself this portrait series project and a deadline for World Breastfeeding Week and I’m so glad I did! Getting behind the camera on a regular basis again felt so good. I had my tiny little assistant on my back the whole time, and wouldn’t you know, he was already helping me get smiles out of people and making them feel comfortable.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the wonderful mamas who volunteered to be photographed for the series and for sharing some words about breastfeeding! It was a pleasure getting to know each and every one of you and capturing this special time in your life.

I am available for hire if anyone would still like a breastfeeding photo session. Please contact me and we can chat.

montreal breastfeeding photographer

“For me breastfeeding is more than just feeding my daughters. it’s about nurturing, comforting, being there for them when they need me the most. I’ll always look back on these days with such a accomplished feeling.” ~ Claudia and her daughter Billie

montreal breastfeeding photographer

“We have been having a few rough nights at our place with both girls having a bit of a cold. Last night after Gabby woke up for what felt like the thousandth time I sat there breastfeeding her and holding her tiny hand and I thought to myself thank god I have these moments to help me through it. With all the uncertainties we face as parents and the unending times where we question ourselves, thank god I have this breastfeeding relationship that makes me feel like I know what I’m doing, like I got this, and I’m doing the best I can do for my babies.“ ~ Melissa and her daughter Gabby

montreal breastfeeding photographer

“To me, breastfeeding is a unique gift that only I can give to my child. It forces me to slow down, snuggle her, and enjoy her precious little face.” ~ Kim and her daughter Rose

montreal breastfeeding photographer

“Breastfeeding my second son Balthazar has been a beautiful experience but not without its challenges. His newborn days have been spent nursing around the clock as he struggles to keep up with the flow, often with great protest. As we approach three months, his demands are lessening and I am able to embrace the closeness inherent in these surges of oxytocin. This is the start of a long conversation: a back and forth of supply and demand filled with comfort, safety and nourishment. I am so grateful for these moments.” ~ Heather and her son Balthazar

montreal breastfeeding photographer

“When my daughter was born, breastfeeding was nothing more than a practical decision. But now, as I am introducing my baby to solid foods and spending less time breastfeeding, I am realizing how intimate this mother-daughter experience is and how much I’ll miss it.” ~ Olya and her daughter Valentina

montreal breastfeeding photographer

“Sometimes it’s wonderful and beautiful but at other times it is really really tough.” ~ Moire and her daughter Elodie

montreal breastfeeding photographer

“Breastfeeding for me wasn’t easy. After six incredibly long weeks things began to finally happen and it magically became part of our life. Our moments spent nursing together will forever remain a beautiful memory as I am now at the end of this breastfeeding journey. It has been a two year adventure and I am so grateful to have had the chance to experience all the ups and downs that come with it. Thank you my dear boy for allowing me to nourish and soothe you.” ~ Alicia and her son Ramsey

montreal breastfeeding photographer

“Breastfeeding with my first baby has been an ongoing amazing adventure. Through those unique moments, I have the chance to connect with Florence in a way that no one else can. Breastfeeding goes beyond food; it is offering the very best of your love. Motherhood isn’t always easy but when your baby stops nursing for a few seconds to look up at you and smile, you then realize this is the one thing you are doing absolutely right.” ~ Maude and her daughter Florence

montreal breastfeeding photographer

“It’s not often people stop and say “Good job making all the food this tiny human being needs with your own body for six whole months,” and even less often, “Excellent work continuing to provide this balanced diet and crazy unique love to your older child!” I think we need to recognize that. Breastfeeding is so often over-romanticized. I don’t think that’s useful. There’s a lot that’s nice and sweet about it, but it’s also a lot of work. You look like you’re just sitting there, but really you’re doing everything all at once.” ~ Marianne with her children Thomas and Noelle

montreal breastfeeding photographer

“When I first began my breastfeeding journey, I could never have imagined where it would take me. I came into it with so many preconceptions about how, when, why and for how long I wanted to breastfeed my baby girl. Here I am 3 1/2 years later, having learned so much. Though I never imagined myself nursing a toddler or even two children at once, I’m glad that this is the path we took, as it’s always been the easiest option for me. I feel my children have a stronger relationship for it and I wouldn’t change a thing.” ~ Anastasia with her children, James, Zoe, and Lauren

Baby Kaiden – Lifestyle Newborn Photography – Albuquerque, NM

He may already be almost two months old, but I’ll say it anyway.

Welcome to the world baby Kaiden!

Baby Kaiden was born on Friday April 29, 2016 at 11:10 a.m. He was only a few days early, but he still surprised us all. His lovely parents and I had scheduled a very very last minute maternity shoot for Saturday, April 30th. Needless to say, Kaiden had his own plans. So instead, one week later, to the day of our first scheduled photo shoot, I came by to photograph the little guy at 1 week, 1 day old.

albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-1835

albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-1947

albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography

albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2499a

albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2309

albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2047

albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2393

albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2144

albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2213

albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-1847

albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2176

albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2289

albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-1966

albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-1990a

albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2085

albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2032

albuquerque lifestyle newborn photography-2452

Katherine – Head shots – Denver, Colorado

Meet Katherine. She reached out to me needing some new head shots. Next thing I know we’re in her grandparents amazing apartment over looking the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver. I realized after the fact that I didn’t get many photos of the spectacular apartment, but that was for good reason. I was focused on making some beautiful images of Katherine instead. Honestly, she made my job easy. She’s a natural beauty with a personality to match.

albuquerque-head shots-portrait-0018

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Porter Family – First Family Portrait – Albuquerque

I was thrilled to photograph the beautiful Porter family for their first official family portrait. They asked if they could also bring their dog Dottie along, as she is part of the family as well. We took a walk along the Bosque to catch the remaining fall colors. Between the falling leaves entertaining their daughter and the space to dash about for Dottie, it was a fun time for all!

albuquerque family portraits-0141 albuquerque family portraits-0123a Porter Family 2015_0077-2 albuquerque family portraits-0022a albuquerque family portraits-0133 albuquerque family portraits-0055-2a albuquerque family portraits-0082 albuquerque family portraits-0037a albuquerque family portraits-0070 albuquerque family portraits-0030

Albuquerque Prep Athletes of the Year – Portraits

New Mexico sunset + Sandia foothills + high school athletes = memorable portraits for this year’s Albuquerque Journal prep athletes of the year.

First of all, congratulations to these two, their accomplishments gained them this well deserved honor. The Albuquerque Journal named Brady Patterson the prep male athlete of the year and Natasha Bernal the prep female athlete of the year. In the fall, Patterson is headed to ENMU and Bernal is headed to UNM.

Each year we try to do some kind of portrait of the two athletes of the year together somewhere in the city. This year we decided we wanted to see the city behind them. We told them we wanted to do a shoot as the sun was setting in the foothills and then wait for the city to glow after sunset, which ended up being a little later in the day than I realized, but they were up for it. The wait was worth it. Thanks again to these two who kept smiling even after we stayed a little longer than we originally planned to get that final city glow photo. The very last frame of the night ended up being my favorite. I saw it on the back of the camera and knew we were done. It’s the first photo below.

Senior Portrait Albuquerque Senior Portrait Albuquerque

Chuck Hawley Group – Albuquerque Band Portraits

A few weeks ago I shot some quick portraits of the Chuck Hawley Group around the Albuquerque Museum. I was hoping for some nice late afternoon light, but of course it ended up being one of the few overcast days we’ve had in the past month. Eh, soft overcast light? I’ll take that too. Just goes to show, you can plan everything else, but not the weather.


DSCF4833a DSCF4891aa DSCF4910aa DSCF4919a DSCF4974a DSCF4983a

Fabulous Fall Fun – Fall Lifestyle Portrait Session


Tis the season for gorgeous weather. Here in New Mexico the fall colors are fading in and out across the state. This is my absolute favorite season. You want to be outside all-the-time, doors and windows are left wide open, and no, we don’t have bugs that bother you. The light is also amazing outside at this time of year. Great light, great weather, great surroundings, it’s a perfect combination for outdoor portraits.