Photographer & Owner
woman hugs baby in babycarrier

Hi there! I'm a photographer based in Montreal, Quebec. I've recently moved with my husband and son. We made the big move from New Mexico where I was a staff photojournalist and photo editor at the Albuquerque Journal. 

As a photographer, I love capturing moments that will be loved for years to come. I believe in colorful vibrant photos and the occasional black and white image. My overall style across all the genres of photography that I shoot is definitely documentary. I love to capture unposed, spontaneous, and real moments. Even my portrait sessions are semi-guided but still remain natural as I want to capture true moments, emotions, and personalities. I value the ability to capture moments for others and strive to create honest and memorable photographs that will hold a place in your heart for years to come. I've also been a dancer since I was very young which is why dance photography will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Outside of photography, I'm a mom, a dancer, a crafter, and a vintage geek.

Interested in having me photograph something for you? Contact me.