Photographer & Owner
woman hugs baby in babycarrier

Hi there! I'm a photographer based in Montreal, Quebec. Growing up a dancer, I spent countless hours in a dance studio and on stage performing. When I began diving into the world of photography in high school, I was also dancing 5 days a week and my two passions merged for a brief time. I then went on to the University of Florida where I began my photojournalism education and started my career working at the local newspaper. I worked in the photojournalism field for a decade. 

Focusing on dance photography has always been a dream of mine. I never stopped dancing, although I've since explored many other styles beyond my classical training. My experience both as a photojournalist and as a multi-disciplinary dancer help me to capture unique images where personalities are able to shine through while at the same time catching the perfect moment in a dancer's movement. With both portrait sessions and documentary work I try to tell the story of the dancer and their dance. 

Outside of photography, I'm a mom, a crafter, and a vintage geek. I love to travel and still take weekly dance classes and perform. 

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