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Katherine – Head shots – Denver, Colorado

Meet Katherine. She reached out to me needing some new head shots. Next thing I know we’re in her grandparents amazing apartment over looking the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver. I realized after the fact that I didn’t get many photos of the spectacular apartment, but that was for good reason. I was focused on making some beautiful images of Katherine instead. Honestly, she made my job easy. She’s a natural beauty with a personality to match.

albuquerque-head shots-portrait-0018

albuquerque-head shots-portrait-0025

albuquerque-head shots-portrait-0040

albuquerque-head shots-portrait-0042




albuquerque-head shots-portrait-0100

albuquerque-head shots-portrait-0138

albuquerque-head shots-portrait-0114

albuquerque-head shots-portrait-0128


albuquerque-head shots-portrait-0142

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