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Swingin’ Denver – Promo Photos


What happens when you have 21 amazing dancers and you have under three hours to photograph them? You move fast and have them on their feet and in the air as much as possible! (And making the occasional silly face.)

If you’ve kept up with my blog you might remember I photographed the Steve & Chanzie Denver Workshop back in December that Swingin’ Denver put on. So when Kenny asked me to shoot some promotional photos of Swingin’ Denver’s instructors and new dance troupe (The Ladies and Gentlemen) I couldn’t wait! I knew this was going to be a fun afternoon!

DSCF9898 IMG_6025a IMG_7297-6 IMG_6514a IMG_6235 IMG_5904a IMG_7281 IMG_5987 IMG_6458a IMG_6094_2 IMG_6836 IMG_7356 DSCF9817a IMG_7146 IMG_6932a DSCF9848

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