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The ASH Project was created by Albuquerque artists who took the 2013 concert dance piece by the same title and expanded its striking narrative through the visceral punch of film. ASH explores events from the Holocaust and a young generation’s reaction to crimes against humanity, diving into a harsh and unforgiving world. We are taken to a place that entwines art, religion ritual, and stories from the Holocaust to weave a narrative of a seeming distant past and our own relevant present to inform our future via the artistic abstraction that is dance.

Nine dancers, three days of filming, one deserted industrial backdrop and a crew of hard working artists came together with a common goal to create.


ASH follows the story of one woman’s struggle to come to terms with the suffering that surrounds her. We watch as her world is torn apart. Those around her are no longer the same people they once were. Through the four movements, ASH, DUST, WATER, and EXODUS. We follow her journey as she struggles to make sense of what has occurred within herself and others. Her heart and mind have suffered and there is no resolution by the end, only a lingering question; a question of what our actions say about who we are as a people.

Moving Forward

The sweat, blood, and tears that went into producing this film were for the sole reason of sharing this story and initiating a discussion that has been quiet for too long. The film was created with the hopes that it could be shared with a younger generation. A generation that isn’t afraid.

My Role & the Artists

During the filming I was brought in to document the film and the process through still images. Capturing not only the images of the final product but also images to help in the creation process and behind the scenes photographs as well. Watching and documenting the process and emotions these dancers and artists went through in three days was simply awe-inspiring. The dedication of every artist involved seemed to spread throughout the weekend. Running on only a few hours of sleep each day the crew was ready to help bring to life the vision of the film. The dancers grew before our very eyes, as dancers, professionals, and individuals. They were asked to tap into emotions and experiences they obviously had no first hand experience with. The result of their hard work blew us all away as the film progressed. This was more than a stage show. They reached deeper into their own souls than they had ever before to deliver an unforgettable performance.

Artistic Director: Kevin Joseph Clark
Featuring: Dancers from the UNM Dance Department
Still Images: Morgan Petroski
Video Production: JAK Media